The 2017 Balzan Prizewinners' Interdisciplinary Forum in Berne
In Berne on Thursday 17 November 2017, the Balzan Prizewinners’ Interdisciplinary Forum was held.
The event was organized by the International Balzan Foundation "Prize" and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.
The talks by the 2016 Prizewinners James Allison and Robert Schreiber, Michaël Gillon, Robert O. Keohane, Bina Agarwal, Aleida and Jan Assmann were preceded by the presentations of the general Prize committee Members, and followed by comments by panel members and questions from the audience, with the President and the Director of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences Maurice Campagna and Markus Zürcher acting as coordinators.

Full recording (2 parts) in the  >> VIDEO section
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