Dominique Schnapper at the Istituto italiano di cultura in Paris
On 21 May, 2015, at the Istituto italiano di cultura in Paris, Dominique Schnapper, 2002 Balzan Prize for sociology, gave a lecture entitled "Quel est le sens de l’action humanitaire aujourd’hui ?".
She was introduced by Marina Valensise, director of the institute, by the Swiss Ambassador in Paris, Bernardino Regazzoni, by the Balzan “Prize” Foundation’s President Enrico Decleva and their General Prize Committee Chairman Salvatore Veca. The lecture was followed by testimonials on French organizations that have been honoured by the Balzan Prize for Humanity, Peace and Fraternity among Peoples: Abbé Pierre (1991) and Vivre en Famille (2014), and was concluded by the Italian Ambassador Giandomenico Magliano.
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