Thinking about Liberty: l' Annual Balzan Lecture de Quentin Skinner
La maison d´édition Leo S. Olschki de Florence vient de publier le livre qui rassemble les actes de l'Annual Balzan Lecture que Quentin Skinner, Prix Balzan 2006 pour l'histoire et théorie de la pensée politique, a tenue à l'Accademia dei Lincei à Rome le 15 juin 2015.
Cet ouvrage en langue anglaise, intitulé Thinking about Liberty: an Historian's Approach, est le septième de la série des Annual Balzan Lectures ; il est disponible sur le réseau de vente Olschki.

Contemporary political theorists frequently say that there is only one coherent way of thinking about liberty, and that it consists in recognising that an individual is free so long as there is no interference with the exercise of his or her powers. The author shows that this is mere dogma by tracing a genealogy that considers different ways of thinking about liberty, a central concept in social and political thought in today’s Western democracies.
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