Of Moon and Land, Ice and Strand: Annual Balzan Lecture de Kurt Lambeck
La maison d´édition Leo S. Olschki de Florence vient de publier le livre qui rassemble les actes de l'Annual Balzan Lecture que Kurt Lambeck, Prix Balzan 2012 pour les sciences de la Terre solide, a tenue à l’Accademia dei Lincei le 20 septembre  2013. Cet ouvrage en langue anglaise, intitulé Of Moon and Land, Ice and Strand Sea Level during Glacial Cycles est le cinquième de la série des Annual Balzan Lectures ; il est disponible sur le réseau de vente Olschki (88 pages, 18 euros). 

Professor Emeritus at the Research School of Earth Sciences at Australian National University (Canberra), Lambeck’s theoretical and observational approaches address fundamental questions relating to our planet. His findings on the solid earth have revolutionized crucial concepts in the geosciences, adopting an interdisciplinary outlook ranging from geodetics to geology, geophysics, oceanography and paleoclimatology. His books are essential for students and researchers in terrestrial geodynamics.
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