Pierre Deligne


Balzan Preis 2004 für Mathematik


The Pierre Deligne Contest

Pierre Deligne is a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton NJ. He used the second half of his Balzan Prize to sponsor a competition for young mathematicians of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The Pierre Deligne Contest had the aim of helping young mathematicians to stay in their home countries to carry out scientific research. The contest winner was awarded a three-year research grant.
Any person 35 or under who had a PhD in mathematics and lived in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus was eligible for the competition. Competitors had to provide a research statement, and grant recipients had to present an annual report with a summary of that year’s achievements and their plans for the following year. All papers submitted by grant recipients during the grant period were to mention partial funding from Pierre Deligne’s 2004 Balzan Prize in Mathematics.
Balzan funds were used to finance seventeen three-year research grants: five in December 2005; five in 2006; five in 2007; two in 2008. Since the grants were for three years, those awarded in 2008 continued until the end of 2011. Even though the funds were exhausted after the 2008 round, Pierre Deligne found the resources to prolong the awarding of grants through 2009.
Afterwards, the competition was continued by the Dynasty Foundation (Russia), until the demise of this Foundation in 2015.

The project resulted in over seventy publications. For a complete list see the Balzan

Excerpt from the: The Balzan Prizewinners’ Research Projects: An Overview 2016

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