Board of the Foundation "Fund" Zurich

International Foundation Prize E. Balzan-Fund

A foundation by the name of International Foundation Prize E. Balzan-Fund exists in accordance with Article 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. The Foundation was established in 1961 and is based in Zurich.

The purpose of the Foundation is to consolidate, protect and manage its assets in order to provide the International Foundation Prize E. Balzan-Prize in Milan with the financial means required to achieve its objective.

The Foundation is an international non-profit organisation which pursues neither profit nor self-sufficiency. It may accept donations from third parties.

The assets of the Foundation are managed in accordance with the principles of prudent and professional asset management, i.e. security, risk diversification, reasonable returns and liquidity.

The Foundation’s bodies are the Foundation Board and the auditors.

The Foundation Board consists of four to seven members, i.e. the delegate designated by the Swiss Federal Council, the delegate designated by the Italian government, and two to five members appointed by co-optation.

A management committee comprising three members is elected by the Foundation Board. It advises and assists the President.

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