Presentation of Balzan Research Projects Book in Rome

The International Balzan Foundation "Prize" has collected into a book reports of the Research Projects so far established thanks to the second half of the annual Balzan Prizes.
The overview of the thirty six research projects emphasises the Prize’s special vocation to promote new or emerging fields of study or research and amply illustrates the aim of the Balzan Foundation to promote culture, the sciences and the most meritorious initiatives in the cause of humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples throughout the world.
The book was be presented on 18 November at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome, on the occasion of the 2010 Balzan Awards Ceremony. Events also include the Balzan Prizewinners Interdisciplinary Forum. The presentation featured as speakers 10 young researchers, involved in 4 research projects (Ackerman, Calvesi, de Bernardis, Rossi Monti), chaired by the Chairman of the General Prize committee, Salvatore Veca.
In 2001, the Articles of the Balzan Foundation established a stipulation that prize winners must designate half of their prize to finance research projects that are preferably carried out by young scholars or scientists.

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