The Balzan Foundation mourns the passing of Jean Leclant (September 2011)

The International Balzan Foundation joins others across the globe in mourning the death of Jean Leclant, 1993 Balzan Prizewinner for Art and Archaeology of the Ancient World.

Leclant was awarded the Prize for "having carried out excavations and made major discoveries at Saqqarah and other archaeological sites in Sudan and Ethiopia, leaving exhaustive, in-depth documentation. His work extends to the whole of ancient Egyptian civilisation, from its origin to its decline, as well as its spread throughout the Mediterranean world, which is shown by his studies on Cyprus in particular".

Bruno Bottai, Chairman of the Balzan Foundation “Prize”, Salvatore Veca, Chairman of the General Prize Committee and Achille Casanova, Chairman of the Balzan Foundation “Fund”, send their deepest condolences to the Leclant family.

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