The Balzan Prizewinners Interdisciplinary Forum at the "Lincei" (November 2010)

The 2010 Balzan Prizewinners’Interdisciplinary Forum was held on Thursday 18 November in Rome. It was organized by the International Balzan Foundation "Prize" and the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
After opening speeches by the Vice-Chairman of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Alberto Quadrio Curzio, and by the Chairman of the Balzan General Prize Committee, Salvatore Veca, the Balzan Prizewinners, presented by members of the General Prize Committee, gave brief summaries of their careers and the work that won them the Prize.
The talks by Manfred Brauneck, Carlo Ginzburg, Jacob Palis and Shinya Yamanaka were each followed by comments and questions by Academicians of the "Lincei": Mario Stefanini, Pierluigi Petrobelli, Carlo Sbordone and Enrico Castelnuovo.
The concluding debate, chaired by Professors Alberto Quadrio Curzio and Paolo Matthiae, brought out the interdisciplinary nature of the Forum, with an exchange of questions, answers and comments.

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