The Balzan Prizewinners Interdisciplinary Forum in Berne (November 2011)

The 2011 Balzan Prizewinners’ Interdisciplinary Forum was held on Thursday 17 November in the Plenary Hall of the Swiss National Science Foundation in Berne. It was organized by  the International Balzan Foundation "Prize" and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

After opening speeches by the President of the Swiss National Science Foundation, Dieter Imboden, and by the Chairman of the Balzan General Prize Committee, Salvatore Veca, the Prizewinners, were presented by members of the General Prize Committee. The Prizewinners then gave brief summaries of their careers and the work that won them the Prize. The talks by Bronislaw Baczko, Peter Brown, Russell Lande and Joseph Silk  were each followed by comments and questions by Swiss Academicians.

To conclude, the Vice President of the Swiss  Academy of medical Sciences, and now Member of the Balzan General Prize Committee, Peter Suter, invited the Prizewinners to answer questions into the panel discussion, focused on the importance of the often used term "excellence" in research and teaching within their disciplines.

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