"Thinking about Liberty" by Quentin Skinner

Olschki has published the Annual Balzan Lecture delivered in Rome on 15 June 2015

The publishing house Leo S. Olschki of Florence has published the Annual Balzan Lecture delivered by Quentin Skinner, 2006 Balzan Prizewinner for Political Thought: History and Theory, at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome on 15 June 2015.
Entitled Thinking about Liberty: an Historian's Approach, the volume is in English, and is the seventh of the series of Annual Balzan Lectures. It can be purchased through Olschki’s sales networks.

Contemporary political theorists frequently say that there is only one coherent way of thinking about liberty, and that it consists in recognising that an individual is free so long as there is no interference with the exercise of his or her powers. The author shows that this is mere dogma by tracing a genealogy that considers different ways of thinking about liberty, a central concept in social and political thought in today’s Western democracies.

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