7 November 2023

Balzan Prizes 2023: events in Bern

The Forum (16 November from 9:30 A.M.) and the Ceremony (17 november from 5 P.M.) will be streamed live on www.balzan.org

The 2023 Prizewinners
David Damrosch for world literature,
Jean-Jacques Hublin for human evolution: palaeoanthropology,
Eske Willerslev for human evolution: ancient DNA and human evolution,
Heino Falcke for high-resolution images: from planetary to cosmic objects,
Francesca Rava Foundation for Humanity, Peace and Fraternity among Peoples
will receive their Balzan Prizes on Friday 17 November 2023 in Bern during the Awards Ceremony to be held at the Federal Palace, in the Federal Council Hall.

The presentation of the parchments will take place in the presence of the President of the National Council of the Swiss Federation Martin Candinas.

The ceremony will be preceded on Thursday 16 November, starting from 9:30 a.m., at the Bern Rathaus, by the Balzan Prizewinners Interdisciplinary Forum, organized with the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences: an occasion for public debate on the prize fields with the protagonists themselves.

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