Maurizio Calvesi


Balzan 2008 pour les arts figuratifs depuis 1700

Projet de recherche

Three Research Projects on the Visual Arts in Italy

Maurizio Calvesi is Professor Emeritus at the Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Fellow of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome and Fellow of the Accademia Clementina in Bologna. Calvesi set aside the second half of the 2008 Balzan Prize for the Visual Arts since 1700 for three research projects, which he personally supervised. The first (Project A), Antiquarian Culture in Rome from Biondo Flavio to Piranesi, dealt with the works of fifteenth century “antiquarians”, including the problem of Polifilo, and ranging from Cartari, Pignoria and Cassiano, through Pozzo to Kircher, Venuti and Piranesi.

The research was carried out by three scholars: Stefano Colonna (in charge of the research), Camilla Fiore and Jacopo Curzietti. It was supervised by Professor Maurizio Calvesi, author of various studies on these subjects. Professor Colonna’s close textual analysis of the single surviving example of Stefano Buzzoni’s Epigrammata permitted the research to incorporate a triangularization of cultural relations between Rome, Venice and Brescia. In addition, Professor Colonna identified the resting place of Tommaso Paleologo (previously described as unknown) in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. Drs. Curzietti and Fiore carried out detailed research on the period covering the pontificates of the Barberini and Chigi Popes (1630-1666). In minutely examining the literature of the period and concentrating on the architectural and figurative aspects of artistic expression, much light has been shed on the projection of the image of a Roma-Triumphans during this period. In addition, many new aspects regarding the restoration projects of classical Roman edifices and structures undertaken at the time have been brought to light.

In the second project (Project B), A Critical Edition of the Sources and Documents Related to Caravaggesque Painters and a Search for yet Undiscovered Sources, Professor Stefania Macioce, who had already published a fundamental collection of documents concerning Caravaggio (Rome 2003), supervised this research together with Professor Maurizio Calvesi, Professor Alessandro Zuccari and Professor Caterina Volpi. The Balzan Project’s aim was to create an analogous corpus for the main Caravaggesque painters concentrating on the great number of scattered, already known documents. The research was carried out by Michele Nicolaci, and also contemplated the possible discovery of new documents on Caravaggio.

A Complete Catalogue of the Works of Umberto Boccioni is the objective of Calvesi’s third research project (Project C). The 1982 catalogue of Boccioni’s works needs revision in consideration of the documentary innovations that have emerged on the painter since then, and the great number of unpublished works discovered. This new catalogue, edited by Alberto Dambruoso with the assistance of Professor Maurizio Calvesi, was published in 2016.


Only updates on the publications lists in previous editions of the Overview are listed below. For more details, consult the Balzan website at: prizewinners/maurizio-calvesi/research-project-calvesi.

Project A
The final conclusions of the research were or will be published in the following publications:

Fiore, Camilla S. Un carteggio inedito: incisioni e documenti sulle antichità etrusche di Athanasius Kircher e Ovidio Montalbani. Forthcoming.
Curzietti, Jacopo and Camilla S. Fiore. Gli eruditi dell’Accademia alessandrina: la politica antiquaria sotto il pontificato di Alessandro VII (Chigi). Forthcoming.

Project B
Nicolaci, Michele. “L’inventario dei beni di Giulio Mancini (1568-1630) e qualche riflessione sulle ‘Considerazioni sulla pittura’.” Storia dell’Arte. Forthcoming.
Nicolaci, Michele. Paolo Guidotti il Cavalier Borghese (1560-1629). Forthcoming.

Project C
Dambruoso, Alberto. Catologo generale dell’Opera di Umberto Boccioni. Turin: Allemandi, 2016.

Excerpt from the: The Balzan Prizewinners’ Research Projects: An Overview 2018