Ian Frazer

Australia/Regno Unito

Premio Balzan 2008 per la medicina preventiva, inclusa la vaccinazione

Progetto di ricerca

Immune Regulation and Therapeutic Immunisation

Ian Frazer is a former Director of the Translational Research Institute in Brisbane and Research Group Head at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. He used the funds available from his 2008 Balzan Prize to support two fellows, Antje Blumenthal and Steven Mattarollo, who were based with Frazer’s group at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. Blumenthal investigated how pathogens are recognized by the immune system, how appropriate inflammatory responses are initiated and regulated, and how this instructs adaptive immune responses that are critical to control chronic infections.

Steven Mattarollo was funded for two years to work in Melbourne, Australia, with Professor Mark Smyth, an acknowledged world expert on the role of NKT cells in control of cancer cell growth. During these two years as a Balzan Fellow he pursued two main lines of research: developing a therapeutic cancer vaccine against melanoma and non-Hodgkins B cell lymphoma that induces innate and adaptive immunity by targeting the immune adjuvant properties of NKT cells; determining the immune constituents that are important for the therapeutic effectiveness of chemotherapies, and assessing combination chemo-immunotherapy strategies for treating solid tumours.


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Excerpt from the: The Balzan Prizewinners’ Research Projects: An Overview 2018