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12 March 2015
Balzan Prizes 2015: Nominations and Subjects
On 15 March, the closing date for submission of Nominations for the 2015, Balzan Prize marks the beginning of the process leading to the announcement of the Prizewinners, on September 7th.
The 2015 subjects on which the General Prize Committee will appraise the Nominations, are:
- History of European Art (1300-1700)
- Economic History
- Oceanography
- Astroparticle Physics including neutrino and gamma-ray observation.
The amount of each of the four 2015 Balzan Prizes will be 750,000 Swiss Francs.
New Member in the Prize Committee
Peter Kuon has been appointed to the General Prize Committee of the International Balzan Foundation "Prize".
He  replaces Karlheinz Stierle
Peter Kuon (Germany) is Professor of Romance Philology at the University of Salzburg, Austria.
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