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14 October 2016
"Bridging Musical Cultures?": Workshop-Conference in Oxford
Bridging Musical Cultures?
The Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asian Regions in the History of Music

in the frame of the Balzan Musicology Project “Towards a global history of music” by Balzan Prizewinner Reinhard Strohm
4-5 November 2016
Denis Arnold Hall - Faculty of Music, University of Oxford
Open to all - free admission

Convenors and Research Visitors: Gabriela Currie (University of Minnesota), Lisa Nielson (Case Western Reserve University), Avra Xepapadakou (University of Crete).

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"Prima di Lutero": a Seminar in Pisa
The seminar Prima di Lutero. Il dissenso religioso nel Quattrocento italiano will take place at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa on 8 November 2016.
On the fifth centenary of the Reformation (1517-2017) this study day looks at the fifteenth century from an unusual perspective. In turning towards the religious situation in Quattrocento Italy, it is clear how the grafting of Protestant ideas there had a disciplinary effect on religious debate. The papers will attempt to analyse the extent to which the diffusion of the Reformation – long before the efforts of the Catholic Church in the Counterreformation – marks a standstill for Italian religious culture.
The seminar is part of Carlo Ginzburg’s Balzan research project Comparing Religions. A Historical Approach 16th-18th Centuries.

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