The Balzan Prize: a Prize that awards Research

In 2017 more than thirty million Swiss Francs of research funding in all fields of knowledge

Milan / Zurich, 17 November 2017 - On the basis of the Balzan Foundation Statute promulgated in 2001, Balzan Prizewinners must apportion half of the value of the Prize to the financing of research projects involving a new generation of young researchers. These research projects in particular illustrate the unique vocation of the Balzan Prize: to produce research in new fields by academics in the early stages of their careers.
In 16 years (2001-2016), the Balzan Prize has funded 63 research projects in all academic disciplines, for a total of 28,625 million CHF (approx. 26 million Euro, 30 million USD).. More than 500 young researchers from more than 20 countries have been involved directly or indirectly.
New research projects will in be propsed by this year’s Prizewinners, both in the 2017 prize subjects (Collective Memory - Gender Studies - Immunological Approaches in Cancer Therapy - The Sun’s Planetary System and Exoplanets)
and in the subject area of the 2016 Prize for International Relations: History and Theory (also awarded this year).
Following established procedure, these project proposals contain the parameters of the research, institutions and research centres to be involved, the names of designated research supervisors, and a tentative list of young researchers to be employed. Upon approval by the Balzan General Prize Committee, the funds – 375,000 SFR. (approx. 325,000 Euro, 380,000 USD) – will be released by the Balzan ‘Fund’ Foundation to each of the five new research projects.
With the share of the Prizes awarded in 2017 (CHF 1,875,000), the total amount of research funding by the Balzan Prize will surpass 30 million Swiss francs (CHF 30,500,000, approx. EUR 26,500,000, US$ 30,500,000 ).
The Balzan ‘Prize’ Foundation follows the progress of the research projects, desi
gnating a member of the Balzan General Prize Committee as advisor at the Prizewinner’s request. Reports and updates on the developments of their projects are provided by the Prizewinners on a regular basis. To date, output has been characterized by the publication of hundreds of notable academic articles and groundbreaking volumes, in addition to conferences and workshops.

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