The Balzan Foundation collects essays, scholarly contributions, and dissertations by its Laureates in books and periodical publications. Two series, the Annual Balzan Lecture and the Balzan Papers, are published by Leo S. Olschki of Florence.

6 September 2023

Economia Politica publishes Martinez-Alier

“Environmental conflicts and the making of world movements for environmental justice” is in the latest issue of the quarterly published by Springer, with an introduction by Alberto Quadrio Curzio [download].

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17 April 2023

“Le détail révélateur” by Jacques Aumont

The eleventh volume of the series of the Annual Balzan Lectures published by Olschki

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1 September 2021

Fourth issue of the magazine Balzan Papers

Multi-disciplinary anthology of the Balzan Foundation, published by Olschki of Florence.

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14 December 2019

Balzan Papers: the third issue published by Olschki

Providing papers, proceedings from seminars, interviews and in-depth investigations

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13 May 2019

Annual Balzan Lecture: Bina Agarwal

Beyond Family Farming: Gendering the Collective: the tenth volume of the series

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8 April 2019

Balzan Papers collection: the second issue

The multi-disciplinary anthology of the International Balzan Foundation has been published by Olschki of Florence.

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30 December 2018

Annual Balzan Lecture: Federico Capasso

From Quantum Cascade Lasers to Flat Optics for the Twenty-First Century: the ninth volume of the series

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3 December 2018

The magazine Balzan Papers presented in Rome

The new publication aims to synthesize and divulge the multi-faceted outcome of the Foundation’s activities.

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2 December 2018

Annual Balzan Lecture by Francis Halzen

IceCube and the Discovery of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos: the eighth volume of the series

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20 October 2016

“Thinking about Liberty” by Quentin Skinner

Olschki has published the Annual Balzan Lecture delivered in Rome on 15 June 2015

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1 May 2015

Annual Balzan Lecture: Terence Cave

Far Other Worlds and Other Seas. Thinking with Literature in the Twenty-first Century: the sixth volume of the series

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1 December 2014

“Of Moon and Land, Ice and Strand” by Kurt Lambeck

The publishing house Leo S. Olschki of Florence has published the Annual Balzan Lecture 2013

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29 July 2013

“Fair Society, Healthy Lives” by Michael Marmot

Olschki, Florence, has just published the book of the Annual  Balzan Lecture held in Zurich on 29 August 2012

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11 November 2012

Annual Balzan Lecture: Colin Renfrew

Cognitive Archaeology from Theory to Practice. The Early Cycladic Sanctuary at Keros: the third volume of the Series published by Olschki

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23 January 2012

“Humanists with Inky Fingers” di Anthony Grafton

Leo S. Olschki, Florence, has published the Annual  Balzan Lecture 2010 held at ETH Zurich.

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14 December 2010

First book of the series Annual Balzan Lecture

Leo S. Olschki published “The Evolution of Darwin’s Finches, Mockingbirds and Flies”, the book of the first Annual Balzan Lecture, by Peter and Rosemary Grant.

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1 July 2010

“Truth”: proceedings of the Balzan Symposium

Springer published a book collecting the proceedings of the International Balzan Symposium “Truth in Science, the Humanities, and Religion “, held in Lugano in May 2008. 

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