Balzan "Prize" Milan

International Balzan Prize Foundation - "Prize"

The “Prize” Foundation’s purpose is to promote culture, the sciences and the most meritorious initiatives in the cause of humanity, peace and fraternity among peoples.  It achieves this by awarding prizes annually. Its headquarters are in Milan, where the General Prize Committee meets.

The Foundation Board

As established in the Articles of Association, the “Prize” Foundation Board organizes the Foundation’s cultural activities and appoints the members of the General Prize Committee from among candidates the Committee itself proposes. The Board of the Foundation consists of nine members, who are selected from among eminent personalities from the institutional and academic world. Of these seven members, one is appointed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in joint agreement with the Italian Minister of Education, while another is designated by the Federal Department of Domestic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation.  >>>>

General Prize Committee

Working within the “Prize” Foundation in Milan, the General Prize Committee is composed of twenty members of international renown from all over Europe, and is selected from among the most distinguished figures in the humanities, sciences and arts. The General Prize Committee establishes the subject areas for the awards and decides on the winners from among the nominations entered by the world’s most important international cultural institutions – universities, research institutes and academies – at the Foundation’s request.  >>>>

Secretary General

The Secretary General acts as the Secretary of the Board of the “Prize” Foundation and of the General Prize Committee. Appointed by the “Prize” Board, he or she manages and supervises all of the offices of the “Prize” Foundation, coordinating their activities in general while also acting as Public Relations officer.  >>>>


The Auditors Committee consists of three members, two of whom are appointed by the Statutory Supervisory Authority and one by the Board of the Balzan “Fund” Foundation. The auditors, selected from among the most qualified accountants, draft an annual report on the balance sheet and on the financial situation of the “Prize” Foundation.  >>>>

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