Jean-Pierre Changeux


2001 Balzan Prize for Cognitive Neurosciences

Research Project 

Neuronal Organization of the Brain and Cognitive Functions

In his research, 2001 Balzan Prizewinner in Cognitive Neurosciences Jean-Pierre Changeux was mainly concerned with the study of the correlation of cognitive functions and the molecular aspects of cerebral activity. His laboratory was the first to activate the genes of neuronal nicotinic receptors and to study the consequences they might have on human behaviour. Jean-Pierre Changeux used the second half of his Balzan Prize to con­tinue and diversify this research at the Récepteurs et Cognition unit of the Institut Pas­teur. General overviews of this research are contained in a book (Jean-Pierre Changeux and Stuart J. Edelstein, Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: From Molecular Biology to Cognition, Editions Odile Jacob, Paris-New York, 2005) and in a recently published ar­ticle by (Changeux, J.-P., Nicotine addiction and nicotinic receptors: lessons from ge­netically modified mice, “Nature Reviews Neuroscience”, 11th June 2010). In this article Professor Changeux reviews studies in transgenic mice that have started to reveal which nicotine receptor subunits mediate the effects of nicotine on behavior, cognition and ad­diction, thus forming therapeutic targets for nicotine addiction.


Nicolas Champtiaux
Stanislav Dehaene
Philippe Faure
Thomas Gisiger
Sylvie Granon
Zhi-Yan Han
Corentin Le Magueresse
Nicolas Le Novère
Jérôme Sallette

Main Publications:

Changeux J-P, Edelstein SJ. 2005. Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: From Molecular Biology to Cognition. Paris-New York: Editions Odile Jacob.

Changeux J-P. 2010. Nicotine addiction and nicotinic receptors: lessons from genetically modified mice. Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

Other Publications (in chronological order):

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Excerpt from the: The Balzan Prizewinners’ Research Projects: An Overview 2014