René Couteaux


1994 Balzan Prize for Biology (cell structure)


René Couteaux was born in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux on 23rd June, 1909 (†1999);
he is a French citizen;

Assistant (1941), Chef de Travaux (1947), Maitre de Conférences (1948), Professor (1951), full Professor and Chairman of the Cytology Laboratory (1962-78) at Paris University’ s Science Department, becoming, in 1971, pro parte Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI); Professor Emeritus since 1978; President of the CNRS Cellular Biology Committee (1960-67) and member of numerous scientific Commissions and Councils;

member of the Institut de France and of the Academia Europaea and corresponding member of the Academy of Medicine in Turin:
fellow of many French and international institutions as IBRO, the Society of Biology, the Association of Anatomists, the French Zoological Society;
Royal Society Visiting Professor (1961-62), President of the French Society of Electronic Microscopy (1967-68), honorary member of the American Association of Anatomists.

Among his most important writings are:

— Participation de la musculature des dissépiments à certains phénomènes réflexes chez les Lombriciens. C.R.Soc.Biol., Vol. 113, 1480-1481 (1933);
— Sur l’origine de la sole des plaques motrices. C.R.Soc.Biol., Vol. 127, 218-221 (1938);
— Cholinesterase at the end-plates of voluntary muscles after nerve degeneration (in collaborazione con D. Nachmansohn), Nature (London), Vol.142, 481 (1938);
— Recherches sur l’histogénèse du muscle strié des Mammifères et la formation des plaques motrices. Bull. Biol. France Belgique, Vol.75, 101-239 (1941);
— Contribution à l’étude de la synapse myo-neurale. Revue canadienne de Biologie, Vol. 6, 563-7 11 (1947);
— Recherches histochimiques sur la distribution des activités cholinestérasiques au niveau de la synapse myoneurale (in collaborazione con J. Taxi). Arch. Anat. Micr., Vol.41, 352-392 (1952);
— Morphological and cytochemical observations on the post-synaptic membrane at motor end-plates and ganglionic synapses. Experimental Cell Research, Suppl. 5, 294-322 (1958);
— The differentiation of synaptic areas (Lecture). Proceedings of the Royal Society, B Vol. 158, 457- 480 (1963);
— Vésicules synaptiques et poches au niveau des “zones actives” de la fonction neuromusculaire (in collaborazione con Monique Pécot-Dechavassine). C.R. Acad. Sciences (Paris), Vol. 271, D, 2346- 2349 (1970);
— Recherches morphologiques et cytochimiques sur l’ organisation des tissus excitables. Edit. Robin et Mareuge, Paris, 225 p. (1978);
— Structure of the subsynaptic sarcoplasm in the interfolds of the frog neuromuscular junction. J. Neurocytology (London), Vol. 10, 947-962 (1981);
— The effect of denervation on myosin isoform synthesis in rabbit slow-type and fast-type muscles during terminal differentiation (in collaborazione con Anne d’Albis, Francis Goubel, Chantal Janmot e Jean Claude Mira). Eur. J. Biochem., Vol. 223, 249-258 (1994).

(October 1994)