Lectures by Jules Hoffmann in Lugano and Milano

L'immunité innée des insectes à l'homme

Jules Hoffmann, Balzan Prizewinner 2007 for Innate Immunity and Nobel Prize 2011 for Medicine and Physiology, delivered a Balzan Lecture on L'immunité innée des insectes à l'homme at the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano on 21 September, 2015. The event was organized by tha Balzan Foundation "Prize" in cooperation with the Università della Svizzera italiana.
A lectio magistralis on the same subject in Italian, entitled  L'immunità innata dagli insetti all'uomo, was held by Hoffmann in Milan on 7 September 2015, at the Sala Buzzati of the Fondazione Corriere dela Sera, concluding the Announcement of the Balzan Prizewinners 2015.

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