Ilkka Hanski

2000 Balzan Prize for Ecological Sciences

For his outstanding contributions to population and community ecology. His work has profoundly influenced our understanding of how populations in nature persist and how conservation policy of endangered species should be implemented.

Ilkka Hanski, born in Finland, on 14 February 1953 (†2016), is a Finnish citizen.
MSc (1976) at the University of Helsinki and DPhil (1979) at Oxford University.

Professor of Zoology (Animal Ecology) (since 1993) at the University of Helsinki, currently (1996-2001) Research Professor of the Academy of Finland.

Director of the Metapopulation Research Group, which has been chosen as a centre-of-excellence in research by the Academy of Finland for the period 2000-2005.

He has taken part in and continues to contribute to the work of the international scientific community, being a member of scientific councils, institutes and overseas societies, and advancing European-wide research in a large training network, which he coordinates and which involves seven other laboratories in as many European countries.

Among his honours and awards: 1999 Prize in Terrestrial Ecology, International Ecology Institute (ECI); President’s Gold Medal, The British Ecological Society (1999); member of the Academia Europaea (1998).

Currently associate editor or member of the editorial board of eight international journals.

Books and edited volumes:

Ecological significance of spatial and temporal variability, edited by I. Hanski, Special issue of Annales Zoologici Fennici, Helsinki, 1988;

Population biology of Eurasian shrews, edited by I. Hanski and E. Pankakoski, Special issue of Annales Zoologici Fennici, Helsinki, 1989;

Dung Beetle Ecology, edited by I. Hanski and Y. Cambefort, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1991;

Metapopulation Dynamics, edited by M. Gilpin and I. Hanski, Academic Press, London, 1991;

Metapopulation Biology: Ecology, Genetics and Evolution, edited by I. Hanski and M. Gilpin, Academic Press, San Diego, 1997;

Ekologia (Ecology text in Finnish), with H. Pietiäinen, J. Niemelä, J. Lindström and E. Ranta, WSOY, Helsinki, 1998;

Metapopulation Ecology, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999.

Amongst his most important other publications may be mentioned:

Hanski I. Coexistence of competitors in patchy environment with and without predation. Oikos 37, 306-312, 1981;

Hanski I. Dynamics of regional distribution: the core and satellite species hypothesis. Oikos 38, 210-221, 1982;

Hanski I. Single-species dynamics may contribute to longterm rarity and commonnessEcology 66, 335-343, 1985;

Hanski I., Turchin P. Korpimäki E. and Henttonen H. Population oscillations of boreal rodents: regulation by mustelid predators leads to chaosNature 364, 232-235, 1993;

Hanski I. A practical model of metapopulation dynamicsJournal of Animal Ecology 63, 151-162, 1994;

Hanski I., Pöyry J., Kuussaari M. and Pakkala T. Multiple equilibria in metapopulation dynamicsNature 377, 618-621, 1995;

Hanski I., Clobert J. and Reid W. Ecology of extinction. In: V.H. Heywood (executive editor), Global Biodiversity Assessment, UNEP. Cambridge University Press, Chapter 4.4, pp. 232-244, 1995;

Hanski I. and Henttonen H. Predation on competing vole species: a simple explanation of complex patternsJournal of Animal Ecology 65, 220-232, 1996;

Hanski I., Moilanen A., Pakkala T. and Kuussaari M. The quantitative incidence function model and persistence of an endangered butterfly metapopulationConservation Biology 10, 578-590, 1996;

Wahlberg N., Moilanen A. and Hanski I., Predicting the occurrence of endangered species in fragmented landscapesScience 279, 1536-1538, 1996;

Hanski I., Moilanen A. and Gyllenberg M. Minimum viable metapopulation sizeAmerican Naturalist 147, 527-541, 1996;

Hanski I. and Gyllenberg M. Uniting two general patterns in the distribution of speciesScience 275, 397-400, 1997;

Saccheri I., Kuussaari M., Kankare M., Vikman P., Fortelius W. and Hanski I. Inbreeding and extinction in a butterfly metapopulationNature 392, 491-494, 1998;

Hanski I. Metapopulation dynamicsNature 396, 41-49, 1998;

Hanski I. Habitat connectivity, habitat continuity, and metapopulations in dynamic landscapesOikos 87, 209-219, 1999.

(October 2000)

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