James Freeman Gilbert

1990 Balzan Prize for Geophysics (Solid Earth)

For his outstanding contribution to our knowledge of the Earth’s deep interior.

JAMES FREEMAN GILBERT was born at Vincinnes, Indiana, on August 9, 1931; he is a U.S. citizen;
obtained his B.Sc. (1953) and Ph.D. (1956) degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
1956/57 Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
1957/59 Assistant Research Geophysicist and Professor, Institute of Geophysics, University of California, Los Angeles;
1960/61 Senior Research Geophysicist, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas;
1961 – present Professor of Geophysics, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, San Diego;
1988 – present Chairman Graduate Department, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego;
Member US National Academy of Sciences (1973); Gold Medal Royal Astronomical Society (1981), Arthur L. Day Medal Geological Society of America (1985) and other awards.
Some of his major publications are:
— Knopoff, L. e F. Gilbert, First motions from seismic sources, Bull.Seism.Soc.Am.,50, 117- 134, 1960;
— Gilbert, J.F., e G.J.F. MacDonald, Free oscillations of the earth: I. Toroidal oscillations, J. Geophys. Res., 65, 675-693, 1960;
— Knopoff. L. e F. Gilbert, Diffraction of elastic waves by the core of the Earth, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 51, 35-50, 1961;
— Gilbert, F., e G. Backus, Propagator matrices in elastic wave and vibration problems, Geophysics, 31, 326-332, 1966;
— Backus, G. e F. Gilbert, Numerical applications of a formalism for geophysical inverse problems, Gophys. J.R. astr. Soc., 13, 247-276, 1967;
— Gilbert, F., Ranking end winnowing gross Earth data for inversion and resolution, Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc., 23, 125-128, 1971;
— Gilbert, F., e D. Helmberger, Generalized ray theory for a layered sphere, J. Roy. astr. Soc., 27, 57-80, 1972;
— Johnson, L.E., e F. Gilbert, Inversion and inference for teleseismic ray data, in Methods of Computational Physics, 12, ed. B. Bolt, McGraw Hill, 1972:
— Gilbert, F., Derivation of source parameters from low frequencv spectra. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, A, 274, 369-371, 1973;
— Dziewonski, A.M., e F. Gilbert, The effect on travel times of small, aspherical perturbations, Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc., 44, 7-17, 1976;
— Gilbert, F., e R. Buland, An enhanced deconvolution procedure for retrieving the seismic moment tensor from a sparse network, Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc., 47. 25 1-255, 1976;
— Masters, G., T.H. Jordan, P.G. Silver, e F. Gilbert, Aspherical earth structure from fundamental spheroidal-mode data. Nature, 298. 609-613, 1982;
— Park, J. e F. Gilbert, Coupled free oscillations of an aspherical dissipative, rotating Earth:
— Galerkin theory, J. Geophys.Res., 91. 7241-7260, 1986.

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