Jean-Baptiste Duroselle

1982 Balzan Prize for Social Sciences

For his merits as a historian of contemporary international relations – including the political, economical, social, and psychological aspects – and as a political scientist, and leading scholar, Jean-Baptiste Duroselle is known for his work, his teaching, and his numerous initiatives in developing studies in the history of contemporary international relations with a decisive, original, and generous spirit.

Jean-Baptiste Duroselle was born in Paris on November 17, 1917 (*1917 – †1994).
Teacher at the lycées of Orléans, Chartres and Hoche de Versailles;
assistant in modem History at the Sorbonne;
lecturer at Sarrebrück and then at Lille University;
appointed director of the Centre d’études des relations internationales by the Fondation nationale des Sciences Politiques;
professor of modem History at the Sorbonne since 1964;
president of the Conseil des Publications of the Sorbonne;
honorary doctorates from the Notre-Dame University (Indiana) and Liège University;
member of the Académie des Sciences morales et politiques since 1975.

Bibliographical notes: Some of his most important works are:
— Le Conflit de Trieste;
— Les Relations germano-soviétiques;
— Les Frontières européennes de l’URSS;
— De Wilson à Roosevelt;
— Le Drame de l’Europe 1914-1945;
— La Décadence (Prix des Ambassadeurs 1979).

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