Jean Rivero

1986 Balzan Prize for Basic Human Rights

An internationally renowned master of jurisprudence, whose scholarly merits shine in his numerous works devoted to establishing the fundamental elements of a judicial system safeguarding individual rights while taking into consideration differing national constitutions, their historical evolution, and the resulting provisions deriving from international conventions, Jean Rivero is the originator of a general theory binding human rights to civil liberties, which could open the way to veritable national and international jurisdictional guarantees.

Jean Rivero was born on March 19, 1910 in Alès (Gard); he is a French citizen;
assistant at the School of Law at the University of Paris (1935-1938); Professor of Law at the University of Poitiers (1939-1954);
Professor of Law at the University of Paris which became the University of Law, Economy and Social Sciences of Paris in 1970, (1954-1979) and Professor Emeritus since 1979;
guest lecturer at the International School of Comparative Law, at Law Schools in Cairo, Rabat, Tananarive, at the University Nuestra Señora del Rosario of Bogotà, at the National School of Administration of Tunis and at the European University Institute of Florence;
Conferences at the universities of Brussels, Louvain, Ghent, Liège, Nijmegen, Warsaw, Cracow, Lodz, Dublin, Athens, Rome, Neaples, Madrid, Algiers, Tunis, Rabat, Alexandria, Port Luis, Buenos Aires, Santiago of Chile, So Paolo, Caracas, Mérida, Bogotà, Coimbra and Porto;
doctor «Honoris Causa» from the universities of Brussels, Louvain, Warsaw and Athens.

Among his most important works and papers (some of which have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Greek) are:

— Les droits de l’homme, catégorie juridique?, Mélanges Sayaguès Laso, tomo III, p. 23 (1965);
— La protection des droits de l’homme dans les rapports entre personnes privées, Mélanges R. Cassin, tomo III, p. 311 (1971);
— René Cassin el la mise en œuvre des droits de l’homme, Actualité de la pensée de R. Cassin, p. 93 (1980);
— Vers de nouveaux droits de l’homme?, Revue des Sciences morales et politiques, n. 4, p. 273 (1982);
— Science du Droit et droits de l’homme, Pour les droits de l’homme, p. 107 (1983);
— Libertés publiques, Collezione Thémis, P.U.F.: tomo I, Les droits de l’homme (lst edition 1973, 4th edition 1984); tomo II, Le régime des principales libertés (lst edition 1977, 3rd edition 1983);
— Le Conseil Constitutionnel et les libertés, Economica (1984).

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