John Maynard Smith

1991 Balzan Prize for Genetics and Evolution

For his powerful analysis of evolutionary theory and of the role of sexual reproduction as a critical factor in evolution and in the survival of species; for his mathematical models applying the theory of games to evolutionary problems.

John Maynard Smith was born in London on January 6, 1920 (†2004); he is a British citizen;

Aircraft Engineer (1941-47);

B.Sc. Zoology (1951), Lecturer and later Reader in Zoology (1952-65) at University College, London;

Professor of Biology (1965-85), First Dean of School of Biological Sciences (1965-72) and Professor Emeritus (since 1985) at University of Sussex;

Fellow of the Royal Society, London, Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the American Philosophical Society and Foreign Associate of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences;

Honorary Degrees from the universities of Kent, of Chicago, of Sussex and from Oxford University.

Professor Maynard Smiths list of publications includes numerous papers and articles in highly reputed journals.

Among his books are:

— The Theory of Evolution, 1958, Penguin Books, London;

— Mathematical Ideas in Biology, 1968, Cambridge University Press;

— On Evolution, 1972, Edinburgh University Press;

— Models in Ecology, 1975, Cambridge University Press;

— The Evolution of Sex, 1978, 1987, Cambridge University Press;

— Evolution Now, 1982, Macmillan;

— Evolution and the Theory of Games, 1983, Cambridge University Press;

— On Being the Right Size, and Other Essays, 1985, Oxford University Press;

— The Problems of Biology, 1986, Oxford University Press;

— Sex, Games and Evolution, 1988, Harvester Press;

— Evolutionary Genetics, 1989, Oxford University Press.

(October 1991)

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