Hesperos, a book dedicated to Martin L. West (News 26 September 2008)


Martin Litchfield West

2000 Balzan Prize for Classical Antiquity

For his masterful editions and explanations of Greek poetry from Homer to the Attic tragedy as well as for his groundbreaking research in the alleged and still violently debated relationships between Greece and the Orient.

a New Book Dedicated to Martin L. West
www.balzan.org 26 September 2008 – news

In celebration of Martin Litchfield West’s 70th birthday, Oxford University Press has published a volume of numerous writings on classical literature. West’s scholarly work, which spans the past 50 years, has transformed our understanding of classical Greek poetry. Martin Litchfield West won the Balzan Prize for Classical Antiquity in 2000.

The new volume, entitled Hesperos: Studies in Ancient Greek Poetry Presented to M.L. West on his Seventieth Birthday, contains the lecture “Forward into the Past”, West’s acceptance speech at the 2000 Balzan Prize awards ceremony in Rome.  The essay is essentially an outline of his style of literary research.
Edited by P.J. Finglass, C. Collard and N.J. Richardson, the volume includes 25 essays on different themes ranging from opera to tragedy or from metrics to textual critique – all subjects that West has explored during his career. Among the well-known scholars from four continents who are published in this work is Walter Burkert,  winner of the Balzan Prize for the Study of the Ancient World (Mediterranean area) in 1990.

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