Norberto Bobbio

1994 Balzan Prize for Law and Political Science (Governments and Democracy)

To this eminent professor, philosopher and historian of law who, through his teaching, his work and his civic engagement, has made an exceptional contribution to the theoretical and practical study of the government of democracies.

Norberto Bobbio was born in Turin on October 18th, 1909 (†2004); he is an Italian citizen:

he taught Philosophy of Law at the Universities of Camerino (1935-38), Siena (1938-40), Padua (1940- 48), Turin (1948-72), and, again in Turin, Political Philosophy (1972-79), becoming Professor Emeritus in 1979;
national resident member of the Academy of Sciences of Turin (1960), national member of the Academia dei Lincei (1966), and correspondent member of the British Academy (1965);

nominated life-time senator by the Italian president Sandro Pertini in July of 1984, according to article 59 of the Italian constitution;
honorary degree from the Universities of Paris X, Buenos Aires, Madrid (Complutense, and Carlos III), Bologna, Chambéry, and Sassari;
member of the editorial staff of various academic magazines as Rivista di filosofia and Rivista internazionale di filosofia del diritto, and of various cultural and political magazines as Il Ponte and Micromega, plus collaborator with the newspaper La Stampa since 1976;
honorary president of the European Society for Culture.

The bibliography of Norberto Bobbio consists of more than 1600 titles. Among his most important works  of which some have been translated into English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Japanese – we find:

— L’analogia nella logica del diritto (1938);
— La filosofia del decadentismo (1945);
— Politica e cultura (1955);
— Italia civile (1964);
— Giusnaturalismo e positivismo giuridico (1965);
— Da Hobbes a Marx (1965);
— Saggi sulla scienza politica in Italia (1969);
— Una filosofia militante. Studi su Carlo Cattaneo (1971);
— Quale socialismo? (1977);
— I problemi della guerra e le vie della pace (1979);
— Studi hegeliani (1981);
— Il futuro della democrazia (1984, 1991);
— Maestri e compagni (1984);
— Stato, governo, società. Per una teoria generale della politica (1985);
— Italia fedele (1986);
— Profilo ideologico del Novecento italiano (1987);
— Il terzo assente (1988);
— Hobbes (1988);
— L’età dei diritti (1989);
— Diritto e Potere. Saggi su Kelsen (1992);
— Il dubbio e la scelta. Intellettuali e potere nella società contemporanea (1993);
— Teoria generale del diritto (1993);
— Destra e sinistra (1994).

(October 1994)

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