René Étiemble

1988 Balzan Prize for Comparative Literature

For his important studies and critical essays dealing with the theoretical problems of comparative literature and for bringing out, with great intellectual integrity, the personal qualities of several great authors of different cultures.

RENÉ ERNEST JOSEPH EUGÈNE ÉTIEMBLE was born on January 26, 1909 in Mayenne (France);
he is a French citizen;
École Normale Supérieure, studied Jaw and at the School of Oriental Languages;
taught at the University of Chicago (1937-1943), at Cairo University, Egypt (1944-1948), at the University of Montpellier (1949-1955);
Professor of general and comparative Literature at the Sorbonne (1956-1978);
honours: member of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti; Prize Sainte-Beuve de la Critique; Prix de l’Essai of the Académie Française; International Book Prize.
His scientific production includes numerous articles, conferences and communications.
Among his published works in volume are:
— Rimbaud, 1936 (con Yassu Gauclère);
— Le mythe de Rimbaud I-V, 1952-1961;
— Hygiène des Lettres I-V, 1952-1967;
— Confucius, 1956;
— Le nouveau singe pèlerin, 1958;
— L’Orient philosophique I-III, 1957-1959;
— Questions de poétique comparée: Le Babélien I-III, 1960-1962;
— Parlez-vous franglais?, 1964;
— Supervielle, 1968;
— Mes contre-poisons, 1974;
— L’Europe chinoise, vo1. I, de l’empire romain à Leibniz, 1988;
— Ouverture(s) sur un comparatisme planétaire, 1988;
— L’Europe chinoise: de la sinophilie ci la sinophobie.

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