Vitorino Magalhães Godinho

1991 Balzan Prize for History: The Emergence of Europe in the 15th and 16th Centuries

For having written a global history of exploration, and colonial conquest and their effects on the history of humanism, sciences, and societies, linking political, economic, and intellectual history in a definite and precise way.

Vitorino Magalhães Godinho was born in Lisbon, on June 9, 1918 (†2011); he is a Portuguese citizen;

Professor at Lisbon University, Faculty of Arts (1942-44);

Researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris (1947-60);

taught at the Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes (section VI) in Paris (1950-54);

Visiting Professor at the São Paulo University (Brazil; 1954);

Professor at the Higher Institute of Overseas Studies, Lisbon (1960-63);

associate Professor at the University of Clermont-Ferrand 11(1971-74);

Minister of Education in the 2nd and 3rd provisory Portuguese government (1974);

Professor at the new University of Lisbon, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (1975- 88);

Director of the National Library in Lisbon (1984);

honors: Grand prix of the Académie de Marine de France (1970), honoris causa doctorate from the University of Clermont-Ferrand 11(1975), Gold Medal of the São Paulo University (1990), corresponding member of the British Academy and of the Real Academia de la Historia, Madrid.

His major works include:

—Razão e História, Lisbona, 1940, 166 pagg.;

—Documentos sobre a Expansão Portuguesa, Lisbona, Vol.I, 1943; VoI. II, 1945; Vol. III, 1959;

—A Expansão quatrocentista portuguesa. Problemas das origens e da linha de evolução, Lisbona, 1945, 143 pagg.;

—A Crise da História e suas novas diretrizes, Lisbona, 1947, 184 pagg.;

—Prix et monnaies au Portugal, 1750-1850, Parigi, 1955, 371 pagg.;

—Metodologia das Ciências Sociais, Lisbona, 1961-62, 336 pagg.;

—Economia dos Descobrimentos Henriquinos, Lisbona, 1962, 247 pagg.;

—Os Descobrimentos e a Economia Mundial, Lisbona, 1963-71, 2 volumi (547 e 610 pagg.), 2° edizione in 4 volumi, 1981-83;

—Introdução às Ciências Sociais, Lisbona, 1964, 285 pagg.;

—Ensaios I, Sobre História Universal, Lisbona, 1968 , 289 pagg.; Ensaios II, Sobre História de Portugal, Lisbona, 1968, 317 pagg. (2° edizione 1978); Ensaios III, Sobre Teoria da História e Historiografia, Lisbona, 1971, 348 pagg.;

—L’économie de l’Empire portugais aux XVe-X Vie siècles. L’or et le poivre, route de Guinée et Route du Cap, Parigi, 1969, 857 pagg.;

—Introdução à História Económica, Lisbona, 1971, 241 pagg.;

—Estrutura da Antiga Sociedade Portuguesa, Lisbona 1971, 241 pagg. (2° edizione 1975);

—Les Finances de l’Etat Portugais des Indes Orientales, 1517-1635, Parigi, 1982, 372 pagg.;

—Identité Culturelle et Humanisme universalisant, Lisbona, 1982, 113 pagg.;

—Mito e mercadoria, utopia e prática de navegar, séculos XIII -XVIII, Lisbona, 1990, 629 pagg.

(October 1991)

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