12 September 2017

The 2017 Balzan Prizewinners

The names of the 2017 Balzan Prizewinners were disclosed today in a public announcement

  • Aleida and Jan Assmann (Germany),
  • Bina Agarwal (India),
  • James P. Allison and Robert D. Schreiber (USA),
  • Michaël Gillon (Belgium),
  • Robert O. Keohane, (USA)

The names of the 2017 Balzan Prizewinners were disclosed today in a public announcement:

Aleida and Jan Assmann (Germany), Universities of Constance and Heidelberg, for Collective Memory
Bina Agarwal (India), University of Manchester (UK), for Gender Studies
James P. Allison and Robert D. Schreiber (USA), University of Texas, Austin and Washington University School of Medicine Saint Louis, for Immunological Approaches in Cancer Therapy
Michaël Gillon (Belgium), University of Liège, for The Sun’s Planetary System and Exoplanets
The 2016 Balzan Prizewinner for International Relations, History and Theory, not awarded last year, is Robert O. Keohane, (USA), Woodrow Wilson School – Princeton University.

The 2017 Balzan Prizewinners were announced today in Milan by the Chairman of the Balzan General Prize Committee, Salvatore Veca, together with the President of the Balzan “Prize” Foundation, Enrico Decleva, at the Corriere della Sera Foundation. 
The Prizes will be presented during the award ceremony to be held in Berne on November 17. The amount of each prize is 750,000 Swiss Francs (approx. €660,000; $790,000).

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