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Premio Balzan 2001 per la storia dell'architettura

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The James Ackerman Award and Summer School in Applied Palaeography

James Ackerman was Professor Emeritus at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
He created the James Ackerman Award in the History of Architecture by donating part of the second half of his Balzan Prize to the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura “Andrea Palladio” in Vicenza. The award was for the publication of an important, original work in any period in the history of architecture by one or two scholars of any nationality who had not yet published any books. The first was conferred in 2005, and the last in 2013.

In January 2018, the Swiss Centre in Milan hosted “Architettura: una storia. Ricordando James Sloss Ackerman”, an evening in memory of the Prizewinner organized by the

I. The James Ackerman Award
International Balzan Foundation “Prize” together with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan and CISA Palladio (Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura) in Vicenza. The young historians of architecture presented their studies which were published thanks to the second part of the Balzan Prize awarded to Ackerman.

Publications of the James Ackerman Award
Cafà, Valeria. Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne di Baldassare Peruzzi: storia di una famiglia romana e del suo palazzo in rione Parione. Vicenza-Venezia: Marsilio, 2007.
Cohen, Matthew. Beyond Beauty. Re-examining Architectural Proportion through the Basilicas of San Lorenzo and Santo Spirito in Florence. Vicenza-Venezia: Marsilio, 2013.
Dressen, Angela. Pavimenti decorati del Quattrocento in Italia, Marsilio. Vicenza- Venezia: Marsilio, 2008.
McReynolds, Daniel. Palladio’s Legacy. Architectural Polemics in Eighteenth- Century Venice. Vicenza-Venezia: Marsilio, 2011.
Rifkind, David. Battle for Modernism: Quadrante and the Politicization of Architectural Discourse in Fascist Italy. Vicenza-Venezia: Marsilio, 2012.
Rossi, Federica. Palladio in Russia. Nikolaj L’vov architetto e intellettuale russo al tramonto dei Lumi. Vicenza-Venezia: Marsilio, 2009.
Schubert, Leo. La villa Jeanneret-Perret di Le Corbusier, 1912. La prima opera autonoma, Vicenza-Venezia: Marsilio, 2006.

II. The Summer School in Applied Palaeography
Another part of the second half of James Ackerman’s Balzan Prize was destined to the creation of a Summer School in Applied Palaeography at the American Academy in Rome. The program focused on the analysis of texts from Roman antiquity to the Renaissance in Europe, and was consistent with Ackerman’s way of studying Renaissance architecture “based on a systematic critical examination of written and visual sources”, as the motivation for the Balzan Prize reads. The courses were offered free of charge to graduates and scholars of various nationalities chosen according to their curricula.

Websitewww.premioackerman.it (Ackerman Award)

Excerpt from the: The Balzan Prizewinners’ Research Projects: An Overview 2018