Paul Reuter

1981 Balzan Prize for International Public Law

As an internationally famous jurist and an author of a large number of research works, as well as an expert in international negotiations, he has made original and at the same time conclusive contributions to the elaboration of important international agreements, and is considered the leader in his field by the generations of students of all nationalities who have developed their skills with the aid of his teaching.

Paul Reuter was born on February 12, 1911 ( †1990),

member of the Institute of International Law,

member of the Permanent Arbitration Court,

member of the UN Commission of International Law (since 1964), president of the UN International Drug Control organization, member of the Académie Royale de Belgique,

lecturer (1936), associate professor (1938) and fulI professor of international Iaw at the Universities of Nancy, Poitier, Aix-en-Provence and Paris; lecturer at the Académie de Droit International of The Hague and at numerous French and foreign institutions and universities;

assistant director of the « Cabinet du ministre de i’information » (1944), then of the Minister of Justice, technical advisor of the Defence cabinet (1947), member of the Board of the « Ecole nationale d’administration », assistant jurist of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1948);

consultant in many cases submitted to the international Court of Justice, to the European Court of Human rights, to the EEC Court of Justice, to the Franco-Swiss conciliation Commission and to various international arbitration courts;

arbitrator and chairman of numerous international arbitration proceedings;

Member of the Euratom court.

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