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The reasons why a Foundation puts intellectual energy and material resources to use are a direct expression of its traditions, and can be found in its history.
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The publishing house Leo S. Olschki of Florence has published the Annual Balzan Lecture 2014 delivered by Terence Cave
Interviews with the four 2015 Balzan Prizewinners in European newspapers: Badische Zeitung (Germany), Corriere del Ticino (Switzerland), Delo (Slovenia), Der Standard (Austria,) De Standaard (Belgium), El Mundo (Spain)
40' 44" Italian - Milan, 12.09.2016 - Lectio Magistralis concluding the 2016 Balzan Prizewinners announcement
André Vauchez: dai santi ai santuari, lo spazio e il sacro nell'occidente cristiano
Balzan Prizes 2011-2015
Gallery Balzan Prizes 2011 - 2015