Balzan Collection at Badia Polesine

The Balzan Collection is being moved to Badia Polesine, where it will be on exhibit in the foyer of the Teatro Balzan.
It had previously been housed at the headquarters of the Balzan Foundation "Prize” in Milan, and then for the past two years it has been on exhibit at the Museo Villa dei Cedri in Bellinzona. Now the painting collection, property of the Balzan Foundation "Fund", will be taken to Eugenio Balzan’s birthplace, where it will be brought back together in entrance hall of the exquisite town theatre, which is named after Eugenio Balzan.
This symbolic "homecoming" will be celebrated beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday 11 September with an event organized by the City of Badia Polesine in collaboration with the art movement for social regeneration, Cracking Art, which will involve the entire city with an installation of sculptures on the main buildings.
The official opening will be held at the Teatro Balzan at 5:00 p.m., with the participation of the mayor of Badia Polesine Gastone Fantato, the chairmen of the Balzan Foundation "Fund" and "Prize", Achille Casanova and Enrico Decleva, the art historian and critic Philippe Daverio and Paolo Sciortino of Cracking Art.

The paintings in Balzan Collection once belonged to Eugenio Balzan, and mainly date from the late nineteenth century, including works by the most accomplished Italian painters of the time, like Domenico Morelli, Mosè Bianchi, Filippo Palizzi, Giacomo Favretto, Giovanni Fattori and Giuseppe De Nittis.
The collection is part of the estate of the Balzan Foundation, which is administered by the Balzan "Fund" in Zurich.

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