Jean Starobinski 1920 - 2019

The International Balzan Foundation joins in mourning the passing of Jean Starobinski on 4 March. 

Born in Geneva in 1920. A major exponent Europe’s intellectual milieu for over sixty years, literary critic and scholar of the history of ideas, Starobinski was awarded the Balzan Prize in 1984 for the History and Criticism of Literature. He was also a member of the General Prize Committee from 1988 to 2001, thus making an inestimable contribution of cultural awareness to the Balzan Foundation (see the >> interview of 26 October 2007 at
The Balzan Prize was awarded to Starobinski with the following motivation:
For his outstanding contribution to the knowledge of French and European culture through his research on literature, history, psychoanalysis and linguistics, which reveals a subtle intellect and profound knowledge of numerous authors of different historical periods.

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