The winners of the 2021 Balzan Prizes are:

Saul Friedländer (France/Israel/USA), University of California Los Angeles, for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
■ The 2021 Balzan Prize for Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East was not awarded at this time
Jeffrey Gordon (USA), Washington University Saint Louis, for Microbiome in Health and Disease
Alessandra Buonanno (Italy), Albert Einstein Institut, Potsdam, and Thibault Damour (France), Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Paris, for Gravity: Physical and Astrophysical Aspects

The names of the winners were announced today in Milan by the President of the Balzan Foundation “Prize”, Alberto Quadrio-Curzio, and by the Chairman of the Balzan General Prize Committee, Luciano Maiani, during the traditional evening event held at the Fondazione Corriere della Sera.

Each winner will receive 750,000 CHF (approximately 690,000 EUR; 815,000 USD; 519,000 GBP), half of which must be invested in research. Since 2001, the rules and regulations of the General Prize Committee stipulate that the Prizewinners must use half of the amount of their prize to finance research carried out by young researchers.

▼ Opening Speech of the President of the International Balzan Foundation "Prize" Alberto Quadrio-Curzio

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