A Project for the Independent Theater: conversation with Manfred Brauneck
Independent theatre is the subject of Manfred Brauneck’s Balzan research project, which concluded with the publication of a book in both German (Das Freie Theater im Europa der Gegenwart: Strukturen - Ästhetik - Kulturpolitik) and English (Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe: Structures - Aesthetics - Cultural Policy). Edited by Brauneck together with the ITI - Deutschland (Deutsches Zentrum des Internationalen Theaterinstituts), the publication was launched in a preview at the Literaturhaus in Munich in October 2016 and presented at an event at the Schauspielhaus in Leipzig on 20 April 2017.

Six years of investigation, analysis and comparison of a wide-ranging, intricately structured subject have resulted in the production of a highly significant work that Brauneck summarizes for Henning Klüver in a recent conversation held in Hamburg.

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